Nannies/Mannies - P/T F/T

A nanny is typically responsible for consistent, full-charge care of children including activity planning, meal preparation, household routines, and cleaning for children. The position may be live-in or out, depending on your preference. Nanny may also have some special training or education in childhood development. Nanny duties are strictly limited to tasks related to the children. 


Mother's Help

A mother's helper position is common in families where there is one stay-at-home parent. A mother's helper is blended position of a nanny and a housekeeper, and as such, it is especially crucial for all duties and expectations to be mutually agreed upon. Employees in this dual role with assist with household duties so the parents can focus on their children, and also care for the children in a parent's absence.

Maternity/Night Nurse

They are responsible for full care for the infant, and may work in the night to allow parents to rest soundly. Typically, a newborn care specialist will live-in, and their tenure is usually up to 3 months, but it may be longer or shorter if desired. The newborn care specialist has training in sleep training, feeding, and newborn hygiene, among other domains.


After School Nanny

After School Nannies can be less formally qualified, but would have plenty of experience with true enjoyment and passion spending time with children. Our After School Nannies are enthusiastic, energetic and reliable  - they would pick up children from school, take them to after school activities or playdates and make them nutritios meals for dinner. They can help with or superwise homework.



A governess has many of the same job requirements as a nanny, but has a degree from a university in child development or education, and is focused on educating the children at home or while traveling. The governess handles all responsibilities related to the children, including scheduling activities, nutrition, and tutoring, and may even travel with the family. Many former educators transition to this position, and the salary is often greater due to their education and experience.



Housekeepers can either live in or out and work on variety of schedules depending on your needs and can do variety of tasks including vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning toilets, sinks and showers, making beds, doing laundry, sheets, towels, washing windows, keeping all rooms presentable, work with all in courteous, helpful and professional manner. They can also prepare and cook meals. These are just some of the standard duties, each family is different and specific requirements will be discussed.