You’re done with hiring, but now how to deal with your nanny payroll and tax admin?

The Hills Agency is here to make the process of hiring  excellent household staff as easy as possible therefore we are also offering in-house

Nanny Payroll Services.

We understand our clients and their employees needs while providing you with efficient and affordable nanny payroll and tax services.

Nanny Payroll is free for our staff recruitment clients.

If you have recently hired or are considering hiring a nanny, housekeeper or au pair through us, your monthly payroll service is completely free for 6 months from the start date of your staff starting the position.

Please note that our weekly and fortnightly payroll service has a £80 surcharge.

Please call our Payroll team for more information.

Let us handle the admin hassle

The Hills Agency nanny payroll service takes care of your admin. We will:

  • Register you as employer

  • Set up your PAYE scheme

  • Provide provision of monthly/weekly payslips

  • Provide quarterly reminders of how much Income Tax and NIC is due to HMRC and how to pay these

  • Keep tax records on your employees behalf

  • Assist you with filing an employer’s annual tax return

  • Keep complete Payroll records

  • Provide you access to our HR service

  • Keep you up to date with tax rates and other changes that may affect your employment

  • We will freeze your subscription if you stop your employment for a period of time

  • We will help you with any issue that may arise regarding your employment such as sickness, maternity etc

We also recommend that as a new employer, you purchase employer’s liability insurance as this is a legal requirement for all employers in the UK.

We understand that you have hired help around the home because your daily life requires your attention to be elsewhere. Let us ease the load with our nanny payroll and tax expertise.

Contract support:

  • Ensuring you and your staff are legally covered during the time of employment

  • We offer sample contracts to be tailored to your requirements

  • Ensuring all crucial points are covered including maternity leave, sick pay and holiday entitlement

  • For a one off fee we are able to provide you with a Contract Preparation Service

  • A consultation with our Payroll and HR team to ensure the final stages of hiring are as seamless as possible

Pension and Auto Enrollment

  • Assisting you with the admins of setting up of a pension scheme if your nanny qualifies for pension

  • Assisting with the admin of setting you and your employee up on the Auto Enrollment scheme

  • Answering your FAQs

Have more questions?

Contact us today for a no obligation discussion about your options.

Understanding your responsibilities as a nanny employer can be confusing but it is important that you take the right steps to ensure that your nanny payroll is thorough to ensure you never miss a payment to HMRC. We have answered some of our nanny payroll department’s most frequently asked questions.


Auto-Enrollment and Nannies

Due to an update of the Pensions Act, it is now a legal requirement for every UK employer to provide a workplace pension for their employees, automatically enroll their workers into that qualifying pension scheme, and contribute to that pension. Whilst you may not consider yourself to be an ‘employer’, this Act does include those that hire nannies for their families. We are here to support you through this  and ensure that the process of enrolling your nanny is simple and straightforward. Auto-enrollment into a pension scheme is a compulsory requirement if;

  • Your nanny is aged between 22 and State Pension Age

  • Your nanny earns more than the minimum earnings threshold

  • Your nanny is entitled to a pension

  • Your nanny is not already enrolled in a workplace pension scheme

If your nanny is under the age of 22 or earns less than £10,000 per year, contribution to a pension is not compulsory. However, your nanny has the right to request that you set up and contribute to a pension and, if they do, you are required to arrange it.

My nanny is only part-time – do I still need to pay into a qualified pension scheme?

Yes. As long as your nanny meets the eligibility criteria highlighted above, you must contribute to a qualified pension scheme. This is also the case for permanent and temporary staff.

My nanny has only just started working for me – do I need to enrol them already?

If your nanny has been employed by you for less than three months, they will not need to be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme. However, if they request setup/contribution, you must comply.

I want to plan ahead – when can I expect to receive contact from the Pensions Regulator?

Staging dates – i.e. the term for when you will be contacted by the Pensions Regulator – are calculated from your PAYE reference. If you’d like to start planning, you can find out when your staging date will be by entering your PAYE reference on the Pensions Regulator website.

What happens if I don’t pay?

Failure to comply will result in a penalty of £400. Plus, you will still be required to make the payments that you’ve missed thus far.