Night Nanny








Night Nannies are qualified or have an exceptional experience with small babies in this field so they can manage sleep training, soothing and night time feeds. Night Nannies can be with the family for several weeks after giving birth or for few days a week to catch up on much needed rest, they are there to assist mother and baby or multiple births.

Night Nanny Duties include:

  • They normally work 5/6 nights per week, usually 10-12 hours per night.

  • They will give encouragement and help with all newborn matters

  • They will provide advice on Breastfeeding/Bottle feeding and take over night feeds if required.

  • Preparation of feeds and sterilisation

  • Help settle your baby into a manageable routine

  • Allow parents peace of mind and a good night’s sleep.

  • Helping the family smoothly and happily adjust to their new arrival.

Night Nannies work while you sleep they will look after and feed your baby as required, this can be assisting baby to settle after a breast feed and to clean breast pumps if required, or to feed formula or expressed breast milk as required.

Salary guideline:

£12.00-£20.00 Per hour for a singleton

£18.00-£25.00 Per hour for multiples

Salary will depend on experience and continuous professional development.

Night Nannies are self employed.

It is advisable where possible to book your Night Nanny early.


For peace in mind our Night Nannies go through our usual strict interview process and are interviewed personally by a member of our team, their ID, DBS, qualifications and multiple references will be checked.