Peace of mind comes AS A standard.

Hire talented staff tailored to your needs...









Not every nanny or housekeeper willl get accepted and we do not waste

your time sending you resumes of unsuitable candidates. When we are hired we will search for an ideal candidate specifically tailored to your needs and send outstanding handful of candiates for you to interview. Additionally you will not just get a detailed resume, but also a profile created for each candidate and our personal guidance as you feel necessary in your decision making. Please allow at least 6 weeks for this process.  

​       Before we introduce you to our top selection, we will verify in detail their employment history, education, references, and conduct our own independent interview, learning the candidate's developmental philosophy, decision-making skills, and safety training. You can be sure that when you are meeting a candidate based on your criteria, they are an ideal person for you to hire, understanding the expectations of the position.



We guarantee all our nanny placements for 12 weeks. If, for any reason, the placement doesn’t work out during that period, we’ll find you a new nanny as soon as possible at no additional charge.

It not just our job to match you with the perfect candidate, we will remain  available to give you help and advice from day one so you will understand your responsibilities as an employer and guide you through the process and make sure you are both happy.


The Hills Agency we take our responsibility to you and your family seriously, and we look forward to working with you - just sit back and relax

and leave us to do the rest!